Is ethan zohn still dating jenna

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Is ethan zohn still dating jenna

Jenna is currently single and living in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania. Jenna returned to Survivor and was assigned to the Mogo Mogo tribe.

Jenna originally had plans to start an all-female alliance with fellow tribemates Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien and Shii Ann Huang, but things were quickly broken up when the first Survivor winner, Richard Hatch, overheard them scheming on the first day and reported it back to the two other tribe members of Mogo Mogo.

Amber Brkich from rival tribe Chapera gave Jenna a hug after getting Jeff Probst's approval.

After Jenna announced she was withdrawing from the game, Jeff called in a boat for her, cancelled the Immunity Challenge and she received hugs from all remaining players in the game.

While walking to the boat, Jeff told her they were thinking of her. Eight days after Jenna returned home, her mother passed away.

Jenna Morasca models swimwear on a freelance basis while also competing in beauty pageants. Morasca's hobbies include horseback riding, sleeping and hanging out with her animals (she has a dog, a ferret, three birds, two guinea pigs and a fish).

She has won the Venus Swimwear competition two years in a row (20) and was second runner-up in the Miss Pennsylvania U. She describes herself as honest, outgoing and funny.

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