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Intimidating shout bandage

Now He would call them to a life of full-time discipleship.It is possible that at least seven of the disciples were fishermen (John 21:1-3).Jesus’ words in Lk are the key for understanding and applying this story: “Do not fear, from now on you will be catching men.” The word “catch” literally means “to capture alive.” Although in their vocation, the fish they caught would die, in their new focus, dead men would be caught and come alive for Jesus.The story shows us how Jesus transforms everyday people (even sinful people, like Peter) into His servants, involved in His great cause of catching people for God.Hendriksen helps us set the context - Luke is indefinite as to time. Mark –17); and (d) The Twelve, as a body, have not yet been chosen and charged (cf. On the other hand, (e) “the calling of four fishermen” (Matt. Taken as a unit, the story found here in Luke 5:1–11 is peculiar to Luke; it has no parallel (Ed: As noted no all agree with this last statement).Note, however, the following: (a) we find Jesus still in Galilee; (b) the disciples are still being “called”—there were several steps in this calling (see N. Luke –16; 9:1–6; and see also Mark –19; 6:7–13; cf. (Baker NT Commentary: Luke) Wiersbe on Luke 5:1-11 - This event is not parallel to the one described in Matthew -22 and Mark -20.

After calling his first disciples in belief to follow him (Luke 5:1-11), his ministry arouses the unbelieving hostility of the religious leaders when he announces forgiveness for sins (Luke -26-note).(Bible Exposition Commentary) Now it happened - Note that Dr Luke places this account after the events in Capernaum incidents rather than before (Mk -20) as described in Mark (Mark -28 describes the time in Capernaum).Although I have listed the passages in Matthew and Mark as representing "parallel" calls of Peter, James and John, it should be noted that scholars are divided over whether this incident in Luke 5:1-11 is identical with Jesus’ call in Mt -22 and Mk -20.In Luke 5:3 Jesus is in the boat; in John 21:4 he is on the beach.Surely if the same event were in view, these differences would not be present." NET Note on it happened - “Now it happened that.” The introductory phrase (egeneto, “it happened that”), common in Luke (69 times) and Acts (54 times), is redundant in contemporary English and has not been translated.

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In those accounts, Peter and Andrew were busy fishing, but in this account they had fished all night and caught nothing and were washing their nets.

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