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Posted by / 13-Aug-2016 13:26

Just like any other couples you have your obstacles but a few extra ones are added into the mix when you’re interracial dating, so here are the top 3 things I have learned so far…

You’re Always Explaining Something– So being the token Mexican friend in my group of college friends I always found myself explaining my culture and traditions to others and by now my friends know A LOT about the Mexican culture thanks to me.

() Meaning that American will truly become the ultimate melting pot and it will show in it’s people.

Though this is the future of our country I still rarely come across other interracial couples but it could also be that I currently live in the Midwest.

Meaning just because we are accepting of each other and can see the other’s point of view, it doesn’t mean that others can and will too.

Often times, in exchange for her sexual acts, the massa would treat her more favorably than the other female slaves--exemption from working in the fields, for example. Today, the term is generally used to describe behaviors one would associate with that of a female “Uncle Tom.” And the "act" of being a Black woman in a relationship with a white man is seen as something someone complicit in the expansion of white supremacy would do.

Side note: If you haven't had a chance to watch "Underground," with Jurnee Smollet-Bell, DO IT! Another reason we see such an adverse response to a relationship like this is because Black women who are not with a Black man are often looked as as weak.

Most would just chalk it up to racism, but is that truly what it is and if so, where did that disapproval come from?

We also often see a similar reaction from Black men when they come across a Black woman in a relationship with a white man.

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So, if it’s okay for other people to date outside of their race, why isn’t it okay for Black people?