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In fact, the district has effectively refused to take the necessary action, which shows a deliberate indifference to the bullying of my child and to the district's legal responsibility to intervene to stop the bullying.

The continuing bullying of my child is causing severe harm to my child and is preventing my child from having the same access to the benefits of the education that the school district provides to other students in the program.

MEDIATION AND DUE PROCESS FORMS Mediation Request Form (Important: See Further Instructions at Office of Dispute Resolution Website) Due Process Complaint Notice (Important: See Further Instructions at Office of Dispute Resolution Website)VI.

OTHER Procedural Safeguards Notice Bureau of Special Education Complaint Form and Information Packet (See Further Instructions at ODR Website) space the inside addresses and the "Re" lines, instead of double-spacing as shown (website editing function wouldn't permit us to show addresses single spaced). This request encompasses the identified education records no matter where they may be located, whether in the Central Administration Office, the Special Education Office, or any other department or office within the School District.

Remember: A primary goal here is to get the school to take the bullying seriously and take effective action to end it].

4The continuing bullying is having very harmful effects on my child.

_____________: I request a copy of all education records in the School District's possession that pertain to [name of student]. Part 99, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA 2004), and its regulations, 34 C. This request includes any and all items that contain personally identifiable information about [first name of student] and[names of parents], whether those items name us as the parents, name our child, or refer to our child or us, as the parents, by social security number or by student identifier number. Contact our office if you would like more information.

If your child is seeing an outside therapist or other counselor, consider requesting a letter from them that you can attach to your letter or that they can send separately to the school official documenting the harmful changes they have observed in your child as a result of the bullying].

As you know, I have sought to work with you and others at the school in a cooperative way to help resolve this problem informally.

If your child sustained a visible bruise or other injury in a bullying incident, you should take photos showing the injury.

You also could consider attaching the photos to your letter to the school.

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We make no representation that it satisfies the legal requirements for effective notice under Title IX that may apply to the facts in your particular case; (2) This sample letter includes hyperlinks to case law.