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New comments added January, 2008: “The staff is watching carefully now for sexual activity and ejecting members and terminating their memberships” Heads Up! Take 424 east along the river about five mile out of downtown Defiance. New comments added July, 2008: “They have installed a frisbee golf course in the Sweet Gum Grove parking area and this has significantly reduced the amount of cruising. ________________________________________ Elyria: Public Places Harrison Lake. The toilet is located immediately off the busy sale floor and about five feet from an emergency exit, which is the door that the staff leaves open so they can smoke. There is a restroom with some picnic tables nearby.” ________________________________________ Edinburg: Public Places Park and Ride, off I-76. From I-76 exit onto Route 14 and go south about a quarter of a mile and on your left you will see the Park and Ride lot. After his money ran out he came over, got on his knees and took a… New comments added September, 2008: “This is a good hit or miss place, mainly missed but on the times there are guys here it is great. Close to the university and the interstate so you never… ________________________________________ Fostoria: Public Places Indian Creek Reservation, Parson Road. At dead end of the deck trail turn right and follow to the far end of the pond. Keep it cool since the doors have been removed to discourage activity. I’ve been there a couple times but it was only older men.” Xtc Adult Theatre, Brittian Road. They now close at midnight though.” New comments added August, 2008: “Great place. Go west to County Road 26 and then north about three miles. I stopped in after work last week and blew a bearded, heavily inked trucker daddy who invited me back to his cab. One day last week a hunky trucker type — early fifties, salt-and-pepper beard, big uncut meat — signaled me to come into his… New comments added January, 2008: “Stopped by just for the hell of it last week in the middle of the afternoon. New comments added February, 2008: “I’m twenty-seven years old and always have a hard time finding guys my age or a little younger there. New comments added April, 2008: “I’m a hot, twenty-two year old (goatee, tats, muscles, piercings) and resent the implication that guys our age only want to trick with similarly aged dudes. New comments added December, 2007: “This men’s room also has some action, in the last two stalls. New comments added November, 2007: “This place is catching on! It’s hard to get any privacy with a trick in there.” New comments added May, 2008: “I don’t know when the best time to go is. Still, it’s the best bookstore for physical fun.” New comments added November, 2007: “The staff is cool and many a hot times I’ve had there. New comments added November, 2007: “This place is still very, very good for fast anonymous action. New comments added November, 2007: “I love the buddy booth panels so you can see who’s in the next booth. ________________________________________ Bainbridge: Public Places Barnes & Noble. New comments added January, 2008: “They have taken one of the doors off of the first stall. Make a left turn at Indian Ripple Road, about a mile and a half south of Highway 35. New comments added June, 2008: “I’ve stopped by and had some fun. The first guy had a [describes oral sodomy/vulgar] but when he started stroking, another guy walked up and I couldn’t let… There are no doors on the booths, and on a Thursday night, for three hours, no one else but… ________________________________________ Cambridge: Public Places North Salem Boat Ramp, Salt Fork. Located at the bottom of the hill at the end of 541. ________________________________________ Canton: Public Places Canton Centre Mall, West Tucarawas. New comments added July, 2008: “Canton Centre is being torn down. Some of the guys are so-called straight (ha, ha, ha! They love [receiving oral sodomy] off after a hard day at work.” New comments added September, 2008: “They covered the gloryhole up.” Kmart, 4480 Indian Ripple Road. Take Old Route 30 a few miles out of town and it will be on the left. New comments added December, 2007: “Still a good place to go! I had two [penises] in my mouth at the same time Thursday night. I was watching a guy [perform oral sodomy] next door in one of the buddy booths and a little bit later the [man who received oral sodomy] came next door to my booth with his [penis] out and I began to play with his [testicles]. It’s basically an old building with all new equipment. New comments added September, 2008: “Great cruising, but older local men can be VERY aggressive.” ________________________________________ Chilo: Public Places Captain Anthony Meldahl Lock and Dam, on the Ohio River. I had two guys [perform oral sodomy on me] at the same time. It was closed down for a while for remodeling but it’s reopened and hopping again with lots of horny guys.” Premiere Fitness, on Kingsridge Drive. I found a young guy showing off in the sauna with the light off. Another guy got hard in the shower area and we went to the sauna to [perform oral sodomy on] each… New comments added June, 2008: “Probably one of the cleanest places in the country. The staff doesn’t care.” ________________________________________ Chillicothe: Public Places Yoctangee Park, Yoctangee Parkway. Located on the northern edge of downtown Chillicothe, immediatly south of the Scioto River. New comments added November, 2007: “Nice gloryhole but action is very slow.” ________________________________________ Cincinnati: Rest area, off Route 11. At State Road make a right and bear left at Quick Road. Not safe.” ________________________________________ Dayton: Public Places Bally Total Fitness, Centerville-Miamisburg Road. Guys wanting to [receive oral sodomy] after getting off from work.” New comments added June, 2008: “Oh my God, this place is hot, hot, hot. New comments added June, 2008: “I went and exchanged [acts of oral sodomy] with a hot young guy. New comments added March, 2008: “Go in the evening.

New comments added January, 2008: “This place is no good. The policeman must have been spying off in the distance. I just read the warning though and am curious if anyone else has had problems.” ________________________________________ Bucyrus: XXX Bookstores, Arcades, Theatres Country Road Video, on Old Route 30 (East Mansfild Street). The adjacent Wal-Mart and JC Penney’s is all that remains. You can keep your “Annie Hall,” your “Sex and the City” flicks and your “Taxi Driver”: The most iconic New York City movie is “Ghostbusters.” The comedy hit that propelled Bill Murray down his starry path was released 30 years ago, on June 8, 1984. But it’s also a movie that captures the spirit of the city in all its gritty but lovable ’80s glory. It has some famous scenes that use Manhattan as the backdrop, sure.Traffic stops turned into booty calls for one deviant cop.An ex-Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper admitted to coercing four female motorists into sex acts and photographing some of the encounters.

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We went back to his apartment and I got pounded for hours.