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To do this, you use something called simple domain sharing for SMTP email addresses.Everyone’s email can use one custom domain name, whether they get their email using Office 365 or your existing email provider.If you are confident with the spam protection your other email provider uses, you can whitelist their server in Office 365.However, this will also allow any spam that arrives through A.

Further, she doesn’t want her customers impacted, so she wants to keep her existing email addresses.

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You can pilot Office 365 by moving just a few people to Office 365, keeping the rest of your staff on your existing email system.

SPF record: “v=spf1 mx” The desired users, email addresses, and primary mail locations: Office 365 uses Exchange Online Protection (EOP) for spam protection.

If EOP detects a high volume of spam being forwarded by the A. Datum server, which would prevent forwarding from working.

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There are a variety of factors that can affect whether or not you can send and receive email. You need to have the correct MX records to get your email.

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