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"Session is starting now and our state has been ravaged by a hurricane that caused destruction and taught lessons and now you have this black hole consuming everything," Diaz said.

"There's constant commentary that men say to women, and maybe a lot of time it's innocent," she said. "And they are at a great distance from the usual filters that modulate that dynamic." Sen.Shortly after Politico Florida first reported the allegations on Friday, Senate President Joe Negron called them "atrocious and horrendous" and ordered an investigation.The claims followed the resignation of one of Latvala's allies, incoming Senate Democratic Leader Jeff Clemens of Atlantis on Oct.Talbot (Sandy) D'Alemberte, a Democratic House member from Miami who served in the 1960s.He specifically recalled a House colleague happily walking through a hotel lobby with a woman on each arm.

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Carlos Trujillo, R-Miami, who has been nominated by President Donald Trump to be U. Now, in the era of Harvey Weinstein and social media, women are speaking out about sexual harassment.