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With the new version of the manifest prepared, a new manifest node id can be computed.This at last allows us to generate the new changelog, and then the new nodeid for the changelog, whcih will be the Change Set Id for the new revision of the repository.Project Description I've created this project as an example of how to retrieve changeset information from TFS 2010 using the TFS API.The example allows you to retrieve all of the changesets committed to a TFS 2010 source control location between two dates (how to do this).The final stage is to actually update the revlogs for the changelog, the manifest, and all the modified files.The reason this comes last is because each revlog entry incldues the Change Set Id for the repository revision it corresponds to, and we didn't have this until the very end.The Change Set Id is only a parent id for the changelog, not for the manifest of the files.

Remember, this is the version of the manifest used by the Each version of the manifest is like a snapshot of the files in the repository at a given moment (i.e., in a particular revision of the repository).

The fact that the nodeid requires the complete contents of the new version of the file is the reason that the second stage needs to go from bottom to top.

Nodeids for the new versions of the tracked files are computed first, then the manifest is updated with these new nodeids to create the new version of the manifest.

The first step in creating a revlog entry is to determine the new nodeid, which will uniquely identify that entry in the revlog.

Nodeids are constructed by hashing the nodeids of the two parent versions, and the complete contents of the new version of the file.

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The manifest doesn't store the contents of the files directly, instead it stores a Nodeid for each tracked file.

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