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"The Cop- loin.' 1 8 The Beot; Afislo's Los Ange - les stolters leave ottice to move in REVIEWS & PREn EM nini HW : r n wilti BMG 20 Boxscora: Luciano Povnrotti grosses nearly S2 million in New Yot K.

23 Contlnentol Drtft: Innnnn Pacini's Iheoter bacl B: Pru gets lyncol on her Capllol debul, 'Inside A Poem.' I&i mi R KWELI & HI-IEK: P. "It's rare for a label to just let you develop as an artist.

"Jozz.' 42 Songwriters Pu Mlshers: Time Warner/America Onllne's proposed merger raises rumors about the sole of Wamer/Chap- pell. With boy bands and coraing-of-age divas being signed left and right, it's become ever more dif- ficult for experimental artists to find a label to call home. "We started this label because we wanted to remove the hype and bull- shit that we had experienced from the majors at that period in our eai-- eei-s," explains Jonathon More, who, along with Matt Black, founded the label (the two also record under the Coldcut moniker). "The positive side of being an art- ist-driven label is that we understand where the artists are coming from," he continues.

43 Lntin Notns: Cnrlns VIVRS takes his Colombian sounds on the rood with his international tour. "Similarly, w-e didn't like the assorted pressures of gambling that comes with spending lots and lots of money to try and make hits." More continues, "We wanted to have the freedom to experiment. "Plus, we've been through many of the experiences that they might not have been through yet." More points out that it took Koala 2'/2 years to complete his first album for the label, but that wasn't an issue for Niiya Tune.

In 1985 the Brazilian impresario built a "city of rock" in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and staged Rock in Rio, a 27-show, 10-THE BILLBOARD SPOTLIGHT Sludi DS&Reeording HEATSEEKERS noniie Mc Clurkin Hits No.1 Wiai 'live In London' Set T2 - THE ULTIMATE DUD!

In a move that would help estab- lish an independent Pan-European distribution services and sales net- (Continned mi txiae 95) 3rd Rock In Rio Fest To Renefit Edocation Bbzbbs at i Bter Biti BBBi, Bmifm Acts Imst Bi 1b Partleif Bt B BY LEILA COBO MIAMI — If bigger necessarily meant bet ter, Roberto Medina's job would have been long done.

Troductor Del Ano Mejor Video Musical No Me Dejes De Querer Director (cridito compartido) Billboard Editor in Chief: TIMOTHY WHt TE ■ EDITOR I AL Manaflrw Editor: DON JEFFREY Deputy Editor: Irv Li^htman Ejieculive Editar New Media: Marilyn A. World Muslc TJew Age) Chart Production Manager: Michael Cusson Archive Research Manager: Adam Koelsch Associate Chart Production Manager: Alex Vltoulis Administrative Aulstants: Keith Caulfield (L. Y) Associate ru Dcsneriwanawiae: i RWIN KORNFELD Group Advertlslnf Director (East & Teiemarketlng): Pat Jennings Advertising Directors: Anoy Ancerson (Urban), Ian Remmer (West) New York: £',ar Btaurstein, Joe f.fairrone L. Darren Stiolhers, Michelle Wright Nashville: Pri Hart Advertising Coordinators: Hoilie Adams, Enc Vitoulis Advertising Assistants: Inga Classified Production Assistant: Gene Wiliiams ■ NEW MEDIA Editorial Director: KEN SCHLAGER Derrick Mathi-i I Editorial/Production Associate) Barry Jeckell (Senior Editor), Jonattwn Cohen (Ne Sam D. Rachel Vilson (Pnjdwrl Manager) ■ ADMINISTRATION Business Manager: Joellen Sommer Distribution Director: Edward Skita Business Development Manager: Barbara Gneninger Bllllni: Maria Ruiz Credit: Shawn Norton Asilitant to the Pu Wither: Sylvia Sirin PRESIDENT & PUBLISHER: HOWARD LANDER ■ BILLBOARD OFFICES: New York Washington, OX. NY 10003 646-654.4400 edit lax 646^54-4681 aawtsng In &4&«544799 Los Angeiet 5055 Wilshire Blv O, Los Angeies. COOL J • nf F WW 3Q 1 • THE BILLBOARD HOT 100 • * musk: • MADONNA • f A\v EBic K 3S ADULT CONTEMPORARY * BREATHE • FAITH Hlt J.CA 90036 323-525-2300 la» 323-525-2394/2395 1700KSL. • *«NLH Bflos ADULT TOP 40 * BENT • MATCHBOX TWENTY • at JO DEE MESSINA • cuts 32 DANCE / CLUB PLAY * musk: • MADONNA • MAVERICK 3S DANCE / MAXI-SINGL£S SALES * MUSIC • MADONNA ■ wvekick 15 HOT LATIN TRACKS * COMO ME OUELE PERWRTE • GUMIA ESTEFAN • Enc 43 R&B/HIP-HOP * LIAR • PROFVL£ • M0r04N 32 RAP * BCXJNCE WITH ME 1 LIL BOW WOW FEATURING XSCAPE ■ i O i O IXf 22 ROCK / MAINSTREAM ROCK TRACKS 1 * LOSER • 3 DOORS DOWN • fi EPUEm C 82 ROCK / MODERN ROCK TRACKS 1 * MINORITY ■ GREEN DAY • REPWSE 82 TOP 40 TRACKS * JUMPIN' JUMRN • DESTINY'S CHIIU • COUA«l A SS 1 • TOP VIDEO SALES • * TUB T1GGCR MOVIC • w-vi Oi Wtr m OM£ MOCO 82 1 DVDSAUES * MISSION TO MARS • luu Oftr ONE HOMt VKXa 82 KID VIDEO 1 * THE TIGGER MOVIE • WAU Dli NEY HOf We V1D£0 83 RENTALS * ERIN BROCKOVICH • UMVERSAL studios home vkxo S2 No. C.— Barring end of session politics, the Senate may act as early as the week beginning this Monday (25) to consider fast-track approval of the Work for Hire and Copy- right Corrections Act of 2000, H. 5107, which was passed by the House by a voice vote Sept. The (Continued on page 9i) Rflf) Howard BY BILL HOLLAND WASHINGTON, D. 19 TOice-vote House approval of the work-for-hire bill, several sup- portive lawmakers congratulated the artists' community, noting that the bill's passage marks the first time recording artists have organized to become the main cowe. driving force in get- ting federal copyri^t legislation approved. recording industry's "old China hand" — a wtcran of more than 15 trips to that country over the past decade — says the Sept. Close the page Fo«t; Stlp-9h Mt We've been tdld THAT OUR VDTH ANNIVERSARY Billboard special issue was no an apprdpriate place to bra I w M M W ^ WE ARE THE THE INTERNATIONAL NEWSWEEKLY OF MUSIC, VIDEO, AND HOME ENTERTAINMENT SEPTEMBER 30, 2000 ) Work-For-Hire Repeal Closes In On Approval ne AM Jb ne SBnte's BK Cmrm Cmnt Btita trttsts BY BILL HOLLAND WASHINGTON, D. 26, 1999, law that made sound recordings a new category of works made for hire.

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While it remains to be seen whether those conces- sions are sufficient to sway _ the reg- ulatory body, the "pack- age of undertakings" includes concepts that ■ would tear apart long- standing agreements among the nuyors on distribution and compilation ventures.

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