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The videos teach the content in a fun easy way and are filled with fascinating images of people partaking in the major Zulu cultural events.You'll see pictures of the Reed Dance Ceremony, the Shembe Church gathering, Zulu diviners/healers and Zulu warriors. In this course you'll learn how to Speak Zulu the fun easy way! As a child, I hung out with my Zulu friends and became fluent in Zulu. The pronunciation of the Zulu sounds can be challenging.If I stop to think about it, it's hard to believe this is really me, the woman who was once obsessed with her career above all else. Then, 6am would have seen me in full make-up and designer suit, hunched over the wheel of my car in some hellish traffic jam on my way to a breakfast-meeting with clients.As a management consultant with a large firm in Gloucestershire, I earned a big salary and enjoyed an enviable lifestyle.Now, Sofi has swopped her cosy cottage in the Cotswolds for a mud hut after marrying the son of a Zulu chieftain in a ceremony captured in this striking picture. It's a four-mile journey, but I never grumble as I pull on a pair of cut-off jeans and a bikini top - my usual outfit these days.

This is an interactive exercise whereby you get to chat to me.

I'll play the part of voice 1 in the Zulu greeting dialogue, and you play voice 2.

I'll start and then leave gaps which you'll fill with the correct Zulu phrases.

He holds three university degrees in Zulu and has written a Zulu Course Book for Beginners and a Phrase Book with 700 useful English/Zulu Phrases.

Speaking to Zulu people in their own language will build cross-cultural bridges and improve both personal and business relationships.

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Here is a list of 23 Zulu/ English phrases especially useful if you will be visiting South Africa as a tourist.