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There are three pages in total: 1950's, 1960's and 1970's!

This PDF file has the infamous "JASS BASS" misspelling on the warranty registration card which is on page 12. This file came from member "Bassclef" at the Fender Jazz Bass Forum. This page is a gateway to a wealth of information on vintage electric basses by Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker, Hagstrom, Gretsch, Hofner, Epiphone, Guild, Harmony, Vox, Ampeg, Danelectro and Kalamazoo. Very educational and very fun site with tons of historical information. - Fender color offerings changed periodically which can help with dating.

Now, any chance of reissuing Jonny Greenwood’s favoured Telecaster Plus while you’re at it, Fender?

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Many years ago, I bought the first edition of this book.

Since then, it has saved me from many a bad deal and has also helped me better indentify a few instruments that I already owned.

These days, with the price of vintage guitars at an almost absurd level, this book could save the reader from a very costly mistake. I bought most of his books, the last one is called "Vintage Vertigo" even if it is written in French but it includes some of the best guitar pictures I've ever seen in my life.

Of course, a book this short cannot give you EVERYTHING you would need to know in EVERY case (and I'd certainly be careful with very expensive instruments - conterfeits exist), but I consider this book to be an absolute must-have for any guitar collector's library and an outstanding value to boot. Some good reference material on verifying the "big four" of collectables, Fender Gibson Gretsch Martin.

I've tried it on two different basses of known manufacture date with dead-on accurate results.This is surely the most intriguing signature Strat Fender has produced for some time, and more importantly, it’s the first piece of Radiohead signature gear .You'll have to be patient, though: the EOB Sustainer Stratocaster is due to land on 14 November for £949 - true love waits, after all.The input field for your serial is near the bottom of the page.- You might or might not ever find out what year your Yamaha was made.Apparently Yamaha serials are the most difficult to pinpoint. Yamaha serials are even more convoluted than the Squier or Ibanez serial schemes.

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