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Falsh chat sex free

Your wife's plastic mac sounds nice; may I ask what colour it is ?

My friend sent me a photo of the packaging of the macs he has ordered and, although they are unisex, it shows a photo of a lady wearing a clear see-through mac. We are off to Scotland with them soon so I should be able to let you know.

She would rather me not wear my see-through mac when we are out in the rain but I enjoy it so much. We were really impressed with the area and intend to return soon.

Jeff Having bought six nylon macs, one PVC Mack and eight plastic macs this year, an onlooker may well describe this period of time as period of almost a resurgence! OK, no lovely plastic aroma but the weight, sound, feel and look is fabulous. I think you are right you might have a lot of rain especially on sunday but it sounds like you are prepared for it and so hopefully you can sill have a nice time even if it rains all the time!

OK, it's not the hay-day Pakamac years but with Amazon, e Bay and the pvc-u-like offerings plus the Rainmac sale, I'm certainly celebrating. And if you like gardens there are some really lovely ones in Scotland.

My wife and I are also going to the Lake District and New Quay, west Wales over the next few weeks so I am expecting my plastic macs to get some use.

Yes, it's a shame that we don't see plastic macs for sale in the shops these days.

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