Emachines 466id updating bios

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Emachines 466id updating bios

Look on the side and back of your computer for the COA Sticker.

The Southbridge chip is an Intel 82801AA, or an Intel 82801AB.(Intel ICH, or Intel ICH0 )Looking at the chart, and reading across, you can see what the Intel 810 motherboard chipset supports;1) Processors: Intel Celeron, or Intel Pentium II, or Intel Pentium III.2) Processor Front Side Bus: (FSB) 66Mega Hertz, or 100MHz.3) SDR Sdram ram memory at 100Megahertz.[Single Data Rate Sdram is often just referred to as Sdram. Double Data Rate Sdram is also Sdram (DDR Sdram)Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory So is DDR2 Sdram, and DDR3 Sdram ] Also referred to as PC100. Maximum frequency rate ('Speed') is 1.1GHz (1100MHz)Front Side Bus = 100MHz Uses a Socket 370 processor socket.Also known as Microprocessor, and short term - Processor)Information for the Intel Celeron 466MHz CPU, Core. (Front Side Bus)Part Number on top of processor is FV80524RX500128]Mobo's, (Motherboard's) made for e Machines are, (Were), made by Trigem, MSI, Intel, and FIC.(First International Computer)You won't find the information about your mobo at e Machines.Boot files are normally corrupted by virus action or by excess heating of the HDD or by running a harmful file.Accidental deletion by a careless user is another reason.3.

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The cache for a Processor is a small memory area for the Processor. The Ram Memory is second, and the Harddrive is third.

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