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Do live naked chat men

For many men, this can happen several times a day because this is autopilot behaviour for the male brain.They don't think it's a big deal and they can't understand why women find it so threatening - until the tables are turned.In the female brain, a combination of oxytocin and dopamine - an energising, feel-good hormone - released after orgasm makes her want to cuddle and chat.

And because he has less of the 'aggressive' testosterone, his 'cuddle hormone' oxytocin is able to have more of a calming effect on his brain.To your partner's brain, the buxom woman was like a colourful hummingbird.She flew into his line of vision, caught his attention for a few seconds, then flew off, out of his mind.Male or female, when we see an emotion on someone else's face, our MNS (emotional empathy system) activates.But, for reasons scientists don't understand, the female brain stays in the sympathetic MNS longer, while the male brain, not built to wallow in anguish, switches to the practical mode.

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Scientists have found that men experience the biggest hormonal leap in the days before the birth.

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