Disabled dating show Black cam flirt clip

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Disabled dating show

A TV dating show will feature single people with Tourette's.

Channel 4 series The Undateables hopes to prove there is someone for everyone.

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On May 28, Garry and Katrina Eubanks - who was hired by Mosaic, a company that offers care for the disabled - bathed Airionna in the harsh chemicals and caused 'severe burns all over her body', court records show.

The Eubanks waited until June 1, five days later, before sending her to the hospital, it is claimed.

Katrina, 51, and Garry Eubanks, 55, from Urbandale, Iowa, have been accused of bathing Airionna Bent, 19, in harsh chemicals that caused burns so bad finger marks could be seen on her skin after touching her, KCCI reported.

Bent was born prematurely and suffers from cerebral palsy, so she cannot speak and is fed through a tube.

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I wanted a kid who actually interacted once in a while, not one who counted storage units or intently searched for manhole covers.