Davedays and kimmi smiles dating 15 tiers of dating

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Davedays and kimmi smiles dating

Draco tried to get her to be happy, telling her he cared about her, she just didn't feel happy ever.She got hold of a knife one night when her parents were drunk and didn't realize that she stole one from the kitchen.After a few years Easton Pride started hanging out with Draco and Jared. Draco was dating a girl in their grade named Emmy, she was a stuck up brat and Gwen told Draco that.

But that was when Emily wasn't at their house and Emily and Gwen were inseparable. She liked Easton and he seemed to like her, and he asked her out when she was 12.

They called themselves 'Rainbow at Midnight.'When she was 15 Easton cheated on her and she walked in on him kissing Emily.

She ran away from that and walked into Draco and Jared.

She tried to stab herself in the chest, but cut her arm first, but Draco came and stopped her from stabbing her heart, but she still cut herself.

She ended in the hospital and woke up to see her family and Draco all around her.

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Her best friend had be going out with Easton for over a year while she was dating him.

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