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Datingtype com

We need to stop focusing on who the guy we're dating is and look at who we are with him. Do things you don't usually do and go to places you don't usually go to meet people. So, should you just try to date a guy who is totally different from your exes?

When I heard that is using facial recognition technology to help people find matches who look like their exes, my first thought was: this "type" insanity has officially gone too far. There is no need to shell out ,000 for a replica of someone who, for whatever reason, isn't right for you.

You have attracted the very people, situations, jobs, etc. The foundation of the principle states that whatever you focus on the most will be attracted to you right back.

If you look around and see a lot of selfish or damaged people, then you have to look no deeper than yourself to find out why.

Instead, follow the advice of dating coach and relationship expert Tracey Steinberg, author of , and open up your mind.

Do you think you could be happy in the relationship?

Looking for a partner who has qualities you want is not terrible, but relying on your type to guide you in your dating life is problematic.

If you are truly looking for a quality long-term relationship, here are 5 reasons why you may want to consider not having a dating type.

The same goes for being surrounded by happy, positive people.

If you have a type, take a look at it and make sure you want to be judged the same way.

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In the end, you’ll completely forget you even had a type!