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Time for some quotes: Dick: “How come this is the only locked door in this museum? ” Riddler: “Has anybody ever told you that you have a is the point.” Dick: “I need a name, Batboy, Nightwing.

The silver closet on your way.” Two-Face (shoots his gun in the air): “What’s the point, Big Boy?

Then Two-Face ruins the fun by busting in, demanding to know Batman’s true identity, and then killing three people. and then she gets kidnapped and rescued and things are happily ever after (until the sequel)—but I think we’ve more than covered why these two truly and heartily suck as a couple.

(Two-Face also leaves before getting any answers, so his whole plan seems a little problematic, but I guess that’s how it goes when you’re completely psychotic.) So sometime later—they don’t do a great job depicting the passage of time in this movie—Bruce and Chase are chilling at her pad, and he’s telling her all about his repressed memories of his dead parents when he sees her desk covered with articles on Batman. How did we get from Bruce is jealous of Batman to Bruce, you’re not letting me in? The party ends when Two-Face busts in, and seriously, if I were Chase, I might stop going out with Bruce after this. It might actually be the most ridiculous thing about this movie, and that’s saying something.

So here, after a weather delay, is week 12 of NFL: REAGANS AND OBAMAS.

1.) THE REAGAN AWARD (for not being an EVIL OBAMA) Winner: ODELL BECKHAM JR., Wide Reciver, Football Giants The Giants may have lost the game, but like the birth of our solar system, a star was born. It was a parallel to how Republicans lost the fight for freedom to LIBERAL DEMOCRATS but gained the star of RONALD REAGAN, a mythical figure able to embody any insane idea Republicans want to justify.

Even when I’m cringing at some of the spectacularly bad puns, I’m always going to love this movie. Besides, some of the complaints about this movie are just sort of silly. Photo " data-medium-file="

Batman saves Chase at the party, and she responds to this by telling him to come to her place at midnight. And sure, there are always going to be bad guys, but is this really the best time, right now with Two-Face and Riddler on their ridiculous crime spree? He made this truly astonishing touchdown catch during the Giants’ Sunday night loss to the Cowboys…and by “he” I mean Odell Beckham Jr, although REAGAN totally could have made this catch too… is driving us INSANE.” Alfred: “You really are quite bright, despite what some people say.” 12. “I’ll get drive-thru.” That kind of told you from the get-go what sort of movie you were getting into. Chase’s aforementioned seduction scene next to the Bat Signal. “I’ll see you in Hell” paired with “I’d rather see you in jail.” Ugh. So now, even though I didn’t actually see her do it, I almost remember it as if I , and I’m forced to think of this every single time I watch this movie. Don’t let anyone tell you different: writers write primarily to share their childhood traumas. CONCLUSIONS: Silly and badly written, but funny at parts. TENTATIVE GRADE: B- (It really should be less than that, but I love this movie too much. Not fair but true.) MORAL: Repressed childhood memories of your dead parents can easily be conquered if you just save your not-quite-girlfriend and newfound partner from two arch-criminals. Now, I didn’t notice this at the time—probably because I wasn’t sitting right next to her—but when the Bat Butt made it’s big screen debut, my best friend’s mom apparently reached out with both hands and made grabby, squeezy motions at it. I really, have you kept up a secret identity for three movies with decision-making skills like this?

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He says this goes way beyond taking her work home with her—which, it doesn’t really, not if she was actually writing a paper on Batman; it’s like five magazines and a newspaper—and she asks if he’s jealous. And since when do you want to be close, anyway, Chase? Bruce quickly has to skedaddle because Robin has boosted the Batmobile, but the next time we see our lovebirds, they’re together at a giant party hosted by Edward Nygma. If the same supervillain keeps interrupting all your dates, maybe you should take it as a sign. For Christ’s sake, you haven’t even had sex with her yet! I hate when movies speed through a romance like this, like it makes any kind of sense at all for Batman to just be quitting the business because he and Chase are in , only how could they be at this point? There are other scenes, of course—Chase discovers Batman’s secret identity because, hey, she recognizes those lips!

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