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Datingdisciples net

Mayer in his RELIGIOUS BODIES OF AMERICA states on page 373,"(Barton) Stone became the moving spirit in the Kentucky Revival (in 1801 in Cane Ridge, Kentucky, about 30 miles northeast of Frankfurt, Kentucky), and which for its religious frenzy, and its 'Holy exercises' is unique in Revivalism" In the footnotes Mayer quotes several sources describing these 'Holy exercises': "These phenomena, known as religious exercises, were 'holy jerks' or 'shakes' (terrific bodily contortions as evidence of the devil's presence), 'holy barkings' (simulating the barking of a dog when it has treed its prey), incessant laughter followed by complete exhaustion."Christian Churches today do not restrict people with the 'Charismatic Gifts' and allow great freedom in their worship services for people use their 'gifts' of tongues, holy laughter, shakes, barking, etc.

While Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ) are very ecumenical and members of the World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches, the Churches of Christ and Independent Christian Churches are not.

They have the same general doctrinal beliefs as Disciples of Christ and other Christian Churches, but have a dynamic 'SEEKER-FRIENDLY approach that is attracting multitudes to their churches.

Churches of Christ broke away in 1906 from the Christian Churches because they believed musical instruments should not be used in church.

In the Campbell-Rice Debate on page 556, it states, "Millions of ages to come, there will be millions in paradise who will be delighted to revert to (recall and point to) some river, pool, or fountain, in which they put on Christ and vowed eternal allegiance to Him.""Baptism is for the remission of sins; together with faith and repentance it constitutes the condition upon which God will grant remission (or regeneration), the gift of the Holy Spirit, and eternal life." (Census II, page 542 by S. Corey)He continues, "According to most Disciples, Baptism is one of the three indispensable acts which determine one membership in the one holy catholic Church.

It is more than passing strange that among their voluminous writings the Disciples can point to no book dealing with this doctrine, except (Barton) Stone's early writings against it."Christian Churches practice communion (the Lord's Supper) every week on Sunday, not as a sacrament, but as a memorial. Verses such as 2 Timothy and 1 Timothy 3:2 are held by many Protestant Bodies to teach that God forbids women from being pastors of Churches and teaching adult men from the Pulpit.Acts says that our sins are forgiven by simple faith in Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God. Otherwise one can 'backslide' and be lost and end up in hell after trusting Christ and being baptized.Jesus proclaimed that He is the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6). However, if one loses salvation and comes back to Christ, he amazingly does not have to be baptized again.Their website is net/christ'n (unofficial) and their headquarters are in Cincinnati, OH.and have about 1.5 Million membership in 2000."Thomas Campbell (1763-1854) was a Scottish Presbyterian who left his church in Ireland to come to western Pennsylvania in 1807.

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