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Dating with a child

Vikings’ girlfriends The word “Viking” can not be classified as obsolete.

Vikings and everything connected with them are an integral part of the history of Norway. This period in the history of the country left an important mark on the life of Norwegian women.

Norwegian women can give birth and feed the children, without feeling like inferior members of society.

Norwegians give birth, as well as throughout Europe, rather late, at the age of 30-40, when they have already achieved a lot in life and have the opportunity to devote themselves completely to children. Scandinavian fathers, in turn, enjoy child care – and not in order to do family obligations, but simply because they like it.

Various crafts unusual for us are also made of minerals.

In addition to the national costumes and ornaments in traditional style, you can also find direct echoes of the Viking Age, and traces of Celtic culture.

Today, they do not wear it on a date, but during the holidays.

About appearance According to the tradition, I want to pay attention to the appearance of famous female residents of Norway.Here, the state takes care of the mother and the child in every sense of the word.Single mother gets double child support, benefits to pay the apartment, utilities and many other nice bonuses.The feminization of society in Norway today is more striking, than in the U. Women were given the right to vote in 1913 – and it’s a given that Norway became an independent state only in 1905.Women’s influence in the state is noticeably manifested in the system of social benefits.

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