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Dating turn offs

There’s a line that must be drawn on first dates when it comes to your phone.Personally, I would understand if a guy were to check his phone quickly once or twice, but if he blatantly keeps his phone on the table and his eyes dart to the screen with every notification, it’s a HUGE turn off.If we want a great guy, then we need to be the kind of girl who will attract that guy.

If i’m telling a guy about myself and his eyes have completely glazed over while he throws in a “mhmm” and “yeah” every few sentences, then it’s a clear sign that he’s barely listening to a word i’m saying.I've met tons of girls who feel like they have to dumb themselves down around a guy. They are intelligent girls, but when guys come into the mix, they feel they have to resort to this less smart version of themselves. I need to always remember to put God first, and I want to encourage you to do the same thing. Guys who don't put God first in their life will be the biggest heartbreak for us girls. When your identity is found in Christ, you won't have to be someone you're not. It comes across as an act and it doesn't allow for any depth to occur..a real conversation to start.

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We all need to put God first, this especially includes me. Her beauty and confidence in her own skin made the room light up. I was in a drama/improvisation class with some of my theater friends and one new guy who none of us had seen before. I'm all for someone being confident, but this guy was just arrogant. One time she started casually dating one of my friends.

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