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This site mainly gives attention to filtering the Nigerian 419 scam, we are provided more and more spam and scam filtering technique is very useful to visitors.

The women then propose a date at the owner’s bar or restaurant, meet the victim and rack up a massive bar bill – making their date pay for incredibly expensive food and drink, as it is customary in China for men to pay for first dates.because the scammer leverages the desire of the victim to meet an attractive woman.

The report identifies these as “swindlers” – creating male profiles that often say they are widowed to first gain sympathy, and then money, from their victims, after building a long-lasting online relationship.

One twist on the classic dating scam in China is the “flower basket” swindler, which has very specific ties with Chinese culture, and aims to make female users hand over large amounts of money.

“When you get a reply, it’s 70% sure that you’ll get the money,” a former scammer says.

(Sunday Alamba / AP) FESTAC, Nigeria — As patient as fishermen, the young men toil day and night, trawling for replies to the e-mails they shoot to strangers half a world away. But the few who actually reply make this a tempting and lucrative business for the boys of Festac, a neighborhood of Lagos at the center of the cyber-scam universe.

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Whilst it recognises that more research is key to creating stronger detection mechanisms, the paper profiles the likely demographic and behavioural traits of cyber criminals operating on dating sites, which can help sites to improve their levels of detection.

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