Dating site for the physically challenged

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Dating site for the physically challenged

Similarly people with disabilities, either mental or physical impairments, have special sites, which cater specifically to them.

They have topics of interest to this special group, forums for discussion and the chance to interact with individuals with similar problems and faced with the same challenges.

Aim Primarily focused on helping the disabled make friends and find dates. USPA disabled united travel section which is live, providing regular updates and adding content on a daily basis, on accessible holiday accommodation catering specifically to the disabled, their carers, friends and family.

Facilities Chatting with friends online, message boards, personal recommendations, more or less similar to standard disabled dating sites. It is not exclusively for the disabled but claims to proactively seek membership from all sections of the community – especially disabled people.

Also valuable information on a much needed break for the disabled in terms of affordable holidays worldwide, with facilities catering specifically to the disabled.

Aim DAWN – an acronym for differently abled winners network, calls itself an introduction service or even a matchmaking service of sorts, functioning primarily but not exclusively, as an avenue for differently abled dating.

USPNo informal chat rooms or message bulletins and discussion forums here.

USPAn ‘all inclusive’ website which they say is a lot more effective than traditional personal ads, in a safe, highly confidential environment, for people from all walks of life to interact and find love.

If the member wants to list his/her specific situation in their profile that is their choice and it is cool but some might not want to make this information public until they meet someone that they can confide in on a personal level."Facilities Basically a dating service for disabled singles to feel free to find someone they can talk to and grow with, until they are ready to move their relationship on to a more personal level, with special emphasis on carefully screening, detecting and eliminating scammers or those who try to prey on the disabled, considering them easy targets.

Aim Disabled Dating World is a an online dating service for persons with disabilities, those caring for them, their families and friends, and anyone who would like to meet compatible people having a disability. USPApart from the various facilities offered, comprehensive and quality information on a wide variety of topics.

Facilities A highly personalized and strictly confidential questionnaire helps to assess unique and specific personal needs and requirements, likes and dislikes, goals and expectations.

Personal profiles are sought and personal or telephone interviews are conducted with the organization staff or director to seek further relevant information or preferences.

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There are sites covering virtually every topic and offering advice or information on almost any problem you may have.

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