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Women, in the eyes of many, are done in by their complicated sexual history or consumption of alcohol or choice of revealing clothes.In a season six episode of , unrepentant sadist Ramsay Bolton suffers his long overdue comeuppance when Sansa Stark feeds him to his own dogs.(Then again, if your allegiance is with the quadrupeds in the latter scenario, I suppose foregoing dinner and a movie will save us both precious time.) Dogs aid Harriet Jacobs’ maniacal owner in , a dog sniffs out the titular hero as he hides from slavecatchers in a hole under a pile of fence rails, a discovery that leads to Turner’s execution.

It seems to me that what is both most challenging and most appealing about love is the willful surrender to the thrall of a fallible, mutable being who is one’s equal and not one’s subordinate.

strike fear in my heart like a dog in an online-dating profile.

It’s not the popularity of dogs that worries me, but that so many eligible partners allege some connection between a potential mate’s desirability and his or her affinity for dogs.

My own associations with dogs are not uniformly heartwarming and innocuous.

After all, it’s only a virtue to be man’s best friend if the given man is a morally upstanding one worth befriending.

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