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US citizens must present a valid, government-issued photo identification, while foreign nationals will be required to bring their passport. All the information submitted on your request must match your government-issued photo ID exactly.

This information must include your name, date of birth, city, and more.

Few people realize that the White House is as large as it is.

The structure has six stories and over 55,000 square feet of floor space.

It was formerly known as the President's Palace, the President's House, and the Executive Mansion. Construction took eight years and the basic structure was completed in 1800, in time for President John Adams and his family to move in on November 1 of that year.

Construction on the elegant white edifice, designed by Irishman James Hoban began in 1792 after Washington, D. Like the Presidency itself, the White House continues to evolve.

To attend what has become the biggest event held at the White House, you'll need to enter the lottery for a chance at free tickets.

Throughout the years, features like central heating, electricity, indoor plumbing, and central air conditioning were added.

First Lady Dolley Madison saved the huge painting when the British torched the house during the War of 1812.

The collection is filled with works by American masters, such as Mary Cassatt, James Whistler, Georgia O'Keefe, and Childe Hassam, as well as European painters, such as Paul Cézanne and Claude Monet.

Public transportation is highly recommended; the closest Metrorail stations are Federal Triangle, Metro Center, and Mc Pherson Square.

Even if you couldn't snag a spot on one of the self-tours, it's worth at least going by and seeing the White House in person, as it's not only a beautiful building, it's one of the most important historic and cultural icons in America.

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The White House maintains a list of items that are prohibited on the tour.

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