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Some of my friends at home have children around the age that I am teaching, so when coming to Korea, I was expecting to interact with parents who were close to my age, but that isn't the case. Americans, many times, overlook obvious red flags when dating, because they are together on the sole basis of attraction.The parents of the children that I teach are a lot older than I am. Many times, American divorces are because of the fact that logical circumstancial differences become too difficult.Koreans seem to be so career and educationally driven that for many of them, dating seems to be lower in their priorities.If a Korean couple is of age, and are settled in their careers, they seem get married at an early stage in the relationship, by American standards, because everything is a fit. I have heard of Korean couples agreeing to get married after dating for a few months, but I find that most couples here wait around a year, before discussing it.(It doesn't seem to be a coincidence that most of the divorces in America are because of finances.) The notion that most Americans believe that "love" is enough is a reason why the courtship/engagement process in America tends to last a lot longer than it does in Korea.I find that, generally speaking, Americans get married at a younger age, but do so at a later stage in the relationship.

That is certainly evidence of weaknesses in the marriage and family culture. But certain dating customs are not, and different aspects of relationships seem to be emphasized more by different cultures.

And as they do so, and get to know each other, the circumstantial logistics are taken into consideration, or even confronted when they have to be.

Many times, those circumstantial logistics are ignored or overlooked if the physical and emotional connection is strong enough.

My current girlfriend and I became a couple rather quickly. Our mutual faith enables us to have a similar world view, and we seem to understand each other's motives in various situations. Despite the fact that our tastes are different, our growth as people, and as a couple, comes from the same place, the Bible.

Moreover, her English is fluent, as she lived and went to school in Canada for several years.

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This particular motivation cannot be understated in their decision making process, and it is especially true when they choose their potential spouses.

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