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There are also massage parlors, strip clubs, casinos, escort services and websites such as Craigslist or that have helped the sex trafficking industry thrive. They see it as a Disneyland for adults.” Some pimps pay taxi drivers extra money to bring tourists to a specific strip club or area where there are victims of trafficking, Lancaster added.A quick Google search for “Las Vegas prostitutes” finds websites with advice on which hotels have working girls and “how to pick one up.” “We estimate that between 70 and 90 percent of these escort services and entertainment agencies have a pimp,” Lobert said. “This is a 0 billion industry, and Las Vegas contributes a couple billion to it,” Lancaster said.Annie Lobert, founder of Hookers for Jesus, practices her sermon April 15, 2014, inside Valley Bible Fellowship, 4500 W. Lobert, a former prostitute, also opened Destiny’s House to provide shelter and services to assist women leaving the sex industry.View file photo Money can buy just about anything in Las Vegas.“The victim is usually fearful to speak out against her abuser because he’ll threaten her by saying he’ll kill her or her loved ones.” “Pimping is like domestic violence — it’s hard to see what’s happening behind closed doors,” Kennedy added.“There’s so much violence in the world of human trafficking that victims are literally running for their lives.However, when it comes to adult sex trafficking, experts say victims are harder to spot because of their age and what seems to be consensual understanding. You can be trafficked at any age, whether you’re 50 or 99,” Lobert said. To them, it was like they could’ve stopped to buy a milkshake or they could stop and get (oral sex). They just thought, I have the money and resources to get something quickly without having to be nice or take out the trash, like what real relationships require.” WHO ARE THE VICTIMS?

“I think the most important piece that we’re missing is, who’s buying sex? They’re just not as stigmatized.” So, who are the Johns?I told them, ‘You’re having sex anyways; might as well get paid for it.’ They saw me as their big sister.I didn’t see myself as a human trafficker because I thought I was helping them.Her life goal changed when she was raped in her early 20s.She became the former porn star known as Angela Aspen and turned into a madam — a female agent for prostitutes who collects part of their earnings — after failing to find a “normal job.” She set up what looked like a modeling agency on Facebook and began befriending women online.

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A pimp might check out a girl and make a comment, like, ‘you have beautiful eyes,’ and if she responds by looking down or smiling, he’ll know it’s an open door.” From 2011-15, the Metropolitan Police Department recovered 467 adult victims of sex trafficking. In 2015, 53 percent were black, 31 percent were Caucasian, 20 percent were Latin American, and 1 percent were listed as other.

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