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Dating hebdomas pocket watch

" title="Why is this bidder outbidding him- or herself? New Custom Made , build specially for this excellent Hebdomas movement.Mineral glasses on the front and back side of the movement you can see the engraving. To set the time one must pull the set button on the 14 o'clock and turn the crown so the time goes forward.We’ll need additional information before you can start bidding.You can't place any bids just yet, as we still need to verify your phone number. If an opening bid does not meet a lot’s reserve price (hidden minimum), buyers may try outbidding their earlier bid in order to find that lot’s RP. If an auto-bid (user-set maximum bid) is outbid, the bidding log will show the first and final steps of that user's auto-bid in a row.New Custom Made , build specially for this excellent Hebdomas movement.This watch will be safely packaged and shipped with registered post. This watch was converted from a pocket watch Casing: gold plated, (not Hebdomas).Please bear in mind that you are buying a used 80-100 years watch and it will require service at some point in time.

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The company started with an 18s 3/4 plate model signed "Springfield." and a 16s 3/4 plate "State Street" model that featured steel parts and gold-plated balance and escape wheels.

The company became the Hampden Watch Company in 1877. Dueber had been manufacturing watch cases since 1864 and bought controlling interest in a case company in about 1886.

Dueber sold the company to Walter Vrettman in 1925.

Vrettman went bankrupt in 1927 and sold all of the company's equipment to Amtorg, a Russian purchasing company.

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Glass base Mineral glass Movement: clockwork by Hebdomas cal. Original hands Original dial porcelain Original movement Orginal lace New Casing Strap: Black leather, new The watch with the strap is 25 cm Lug width: 22 mm The beautiful porcelain dial with an opening at the bottom of the has an exposed engraved bridge with balance and regulator that makes it possible to expose the balance wheel and pallet-fork.