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Dating during the french revolution

The Northern American Colonies had been settled to enrich the mother country by exporting raw materials to England’s factories and then serve as a market for their finished goods.Thus, the manufacturing facilities, such as those needed to produce arms and support a war, did not exist this side of the Atlantic.The rebels’ early specifications followed the British Land Pattern with its pinned .75-cal.barrel, but the stipulated barrel lengths varied from 42" to 46" and recommended bayonet blades ranged from 14" to 18".

This term should only refer to those arms produced under a “committee” contract.

The provincials proceeded to raid local arsenals, confiscate Loyalist guns, purchase civilian arms, seize British supplies, acquire cast-off or surplus firearms in Europe through independent agents and repair or cannibalize damaged pieces.

Efforts were also implemented to make use of the limited production capabilities within the Colonies.

The double-strap upper barrel band from a French Model 1754 musket had a cone-shaped ramrod pipe brazed to the bottom by the Colonists who were probably influenced by similar Spanish and Dutch designs. 1775-1783 Major parts from a British Long Land 1756 Pattern musket, which was still the primary arm of their infantry early in the Revolution, were remounted by the rebels on a maple stock to create this firearm.

The provincial restocker also provided a New England petal-type raised carving around the barrel tang. In doing so, they reused the lock, trigger guard, sideplate, and buttplate, but omitted the original escutcheon, fourth rammer pipe and raised beavertail carving surrounding the barrel tang.

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