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However, my data from my direct query is in a format with time added (DD/MM/YYYY HH: MMS).

So all of my data has AM on the end, this is taking up too much room on my report, and is not needed.

pointed out one of the big problems with this dating approach by saying that the past "methods are far from perfect: it is difficult to gain accurate depositional ages for sedimentary rocks, and matters can be further complicated when millions of years of geologic and environmental forces cause erosion of fossil-bearing strata." They highlighted its "success" by contrasting it with the lack of success of prior dating techniques.

It is rare that a weakness in the "millions of years" dating of earth materials is ever mentioned in standard earth science publications.

They will normally reply within one working day (24 hours, see opening hours below), urgent requests can, upon request, be processed even faster.The paper used one of the same excuses that have been used so many times when radiodated "ages" of given samples fail to line up with the accepted dates—that something tampered with the bone and thus skewed the results.But what can assure readers that the particular test results chosen by the authors as acceptable were not themselves the result of tampering?By browsing the site you agree to our use of cookies. For more information please visit our cookie settings page.You can ask DATE experts anything from questions on certificate issues, postponements, survey requirements, evaluations of repair proposals, to class and statutory rule interpretations - you name it.

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I am using a direct query and I cannot use the formatting options for a date.