Dating a recovering crack addict

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Dating a recovering crack addict

Men who stop using drugs or alcohol but have not yet addressed their underlying psychological issues and emotional challenges often transfer their chemical addiction into the sexual or romantic arena.

I certainly would NEVER date a recovering addict again, I don't care how much time they have under their belt!He was always the victim, his life was always in chaos, he was willing to work but always in the middle of some "misunderstanding" his past emploment history was not stable and job losses were always someone elses fault - in fact EVERYTHING was always due to some reason beyond his control.Twelve step programs preach and encourage addicts to admit they are "powerless over thier addiction" for some, they believe they have carte blanche to engage in destructive behaviors that harm others because they are "powerless" and they also have in their arsenal a way to diminish their guilt - if in fact they really have any by working steps, making "confessions" to their sponser for all their "wrongs" and hang-ups and then they get to a step where they get to "make amends" to whomever they've harmed.I was involved with a "Recovering Addict" for four years.He alleged that he had been clean of crack for 14 years when we met.

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It's a pretty nice philosophy, but in my estimation, 12 Steps are good to initially wean the addict off the drug; however, they do little to address the psychological issues that most have which in my opinion LED them to the addiction in the first place.