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Crystal castles courtship dating  mp3

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Also, their image (which is a huuuuge part of who they are) is fucking irritating and pretentious. But girls love to wiggle around to this stuff, so I can see why they were so popular amongst college kids.

Crystal Castles' first album was the anthem of many drunken dance parties in the summer of 2008 and helped solidify electronica as a huge part of my existence. Sampling an underground chiptune producer, and then having the balls to say "We get sounds no one else does." in interviews. I mean, thats rotten to begin with, but also, it's not like CC sounds unique AT ALL. No reason to pretend you're fucking innovators, guys.

Their second album, although very different, is just as much a masterpiece as the first. Do I live under a rock and haven't heard other electronic music? We've heard all these sounds and beats a billion times before. You're trying to look like you rock and don't give a fuck.

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There are scrappy, distorted tracks such as "Alice Practice" that evokes a saturday afternoon in an amusement arcade and then there are smooth, haunting recordings such as the six minute "Magic Spells" and the single "Crimewave".