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When done properly the best online dating profile examples will attract the type of women that you are searching for.

I love staying up late – whether it’s to party or just to read a good book – but I almost always sleep in on the weekends.

Well one of my ambitions is to design a robot application to do the full housework regime…cooking, cleaning, dishes, put the trash’ve got any suggestions I‘d love to hear them, so I can include them in my proposal before I submit it to Bill Gates!

” He mentions that he is ‘clean living’ but what does this mean?

My VW has broken down in front of dozens of honking customers in the drive-thru lane at Mc Donald’s on many occasions.

I spent my days getting press coverage for people in the film industry, but the truth is, I’d rather be making my own headlines as a writer.

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Ah and while I’m at it, I should tell you that it’s essential that you be low maintenance.

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