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Of course, the question of "what is it like to walk in space? "All your peripheral vision is just space and then all of a sudden when you look down, the only thing between you and the earth is your boots.That's when it becomes physically very, very real," answered Bresnik.I like this app, I've made multiple friends off it after I got that random text everyone's been talking about.. The only thing that I HATE is the fact that I can't fully block someone from entering my broadcast or that people cannot be reported for harassing me and/or others.

" to which Bresnik replied, "cream of mushroom soup."Fellow astronaut Acaba provided a different answer, saying it was more of a metallic smell and the scent of the ISS was certainly unique.

" asked Daniel Seizer, also a senior."Are your dreams different in space?

The settings, abilities and activities for the characters in the dream, for example," asked 12th grader Paloma Nicholas.

"You're not going to believe me, but I have never met anybody underage before," he says.

POPsquad's videos have already led to multiple arrests in Connecticut.

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Also, junior high students and college students shouldn't be allow into high school broadcasts...