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Don’t delete the user settings file having your account name and extension .aus, or you loose the elements and combinations you unlocked so far. Combinations and elements are now verified formally so that they can all be resolved.

The list of the 50 new elements is: The entire list of elements is available here.

This interface provides a keyboard sink for components that manage tabbing, accelerators, and mnemonics across interop boundaries and between HWNDs.

Apparently the solution was to: Though I tried several things I didn’t manage to make it work.

You start with four basic elements, Fire, Water, Air and Earth and you can combine them to get more and more elements.

The game was so catching that after finishing it I decided to write my own version for Windows.

We must handle the WM_GETDLGCODE message to let the system know what kind of messages we want to handle on our own (in the WPF control).

Download the latest version of the game from this page. Starting with version 1.7 you can display the total elapsed time since the beginning of the game.

This can be enabled from the Settings page (in the More window) by checking the Display Timer option.

If there is such a tab stop we set focus on that window.

The Find Next Tab Stop method (added as a member of the CWpf Control Wrapper class) looks like this: Alchemy 2.0 brings a modified layout, a set of 44 new elements (to a total of 444), hints, and translation to Hebrew.

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