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With chemistry so tangible and laughs never-ending, you’d think they would have made a romantic comedy. JACKSON: I’m excited for people to see her like they haven’t seen her before.

But the film is about a war photographer, astutely played by Keener, who is traumatized by her experience photographing refugees in Libya and seeks refuge in a hotel in Sicily. I met Catherine through the curator of the Mo MA when my first film was programmed there and I told him about this project. We became penpals and that’s how she became involved in the project.

Dermont was married to actress Catherine Kenner on 1990.

They had met on the sets of the film Survival Quest and had been together since.

Homecoming has a script from Eli Horowitz (The Silent History) and Micah Bloomberg (Creative Control) and sound design from Serial’s Mark Phillips.

is not a light movie, but you’d never know it by talking to star Catherine Keener and director Mark Jackson. VOLLMER: Had you been interested in war photography before this film? It’s based during the Arab Spring in 2011, and I was on my way to Libya to shoot it.

He was the male lead in the movie My Best Friend’s Wedding, opposite Julia Roberts. He has also appeared in the movie Longtime Companion, which gave him critical acclaim. He has also appeared in The Batman where he has voiced the character of Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

His roles as an outlaw or gunman too have been highly appreciated/ he played the role of Forty Steve on the movie Young Guns and portrayed the role of J. 2013 saw him as the starring role in the horror The Rambler after which he appeared in the 2015 horror Insidious: Chapter 3. Apart from these two affairs, he has never been dating or known to have had any other girlfriend yet.

KEENER: The part that was hard was being very isolated in this particular part of Sicily. You think Sicily is fantastic and it was, but where we shot, it was a friend’s hotel.

DEENAH VOLLMER: Catherine will join us in a minute.

Mark, let’s start with how this project came together.

Homecoming, the scripted series, is a six-episode thriller that centers around a mystery involving a caseworker (voiced by Oscar nominee Catherine Keener), her supervisor (fan of juice David Schwimmer), and a soldier trying to rejoin civilian life (voiced by internet boyfriend Oscar Isaac).

The future of prestige drama is in podcasts, apparently.

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With his first wife, he has one son named Clyde Kenner Mulroney who was born on 1999.

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