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Carbon dating boot

Result: folks from three different tech binding companies have told me they’ll either “not bother with TUV,” or “only attempt TUV certification of a few bindings.” On our end, my pledge is to watch how much I tout the TUV certifications and perhaps an apology from me is even due, for what might have been too exuberant of a take on how important TUV is to you guys, the actual users of the bindings.

In fact, on the surface it appears it could be detrimental as there are most often multiple versions of the same Dynafit binding model, with associated “in line” improvements.In all honesty, there are so many skis out there now with good dimensions and reasonable weight, we’ll want to do extensive evaluation with numerous skiers before we sing praises.For now I can say we’re looking forward to the process.You can swap the U springs to change vertical release, men’s in the box is 9, women’s is 7. Only in 80 mm for now, but the modders will take care of that problem in mere seconds.We’re at the annual Dynafit press event, this time being held in Beaufort, France. Dynafit’s new products for 2015-2016 are strong in the freeride “free touring” category, and the racing side is getting attention as well. So cool it is beyond even my highly developed ability to express myself in writing. This is the lowest the heel will ‘officially’ go on the Angelina 2.0, but you can rotate the heel unit to the side for a totally heel-flat-on-ski mode.

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