Cam viewer xxx

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Cam viewer xxx

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This enables the same zoom factor for the CDUe and the video output device. We can assist with this application process, please contact us for more details.

Note that i-SPEED 7 cameras can be performance restricted to fall below export restrictions. What kinds of lenses are compatible with the i-SPEED 7 camera?

Your local distributor can arrange for training to help you get the most from your camera. The standard CDU lead is 3m but a 10m lead is available. You can save from the camera directly to AVI format. Yes, each i-SPEED camera model is available with an optional rugged High-G rated package designed for industrial use. If the camera is set to 20% trigger, there will be 2 seconds of video before the trigger and 8 seconds after.

Visit our Locate a Distributor page to find your local distributor. If more than 10m is required, then up to 2 CDU repeaters can be used to achieve the maximum 30m. Can I use an electronic view finder with my i-SPEED camera? What file format does the i-SPEED 7 use to save video files? The IXV file format may also be viewed and converted to AVI using the i-SPEED Viewer software. For information on the specific G-Shock rating for individual cameras, please refer to that camera's datasheet.

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i-CHEQ codes are used to display the camera status by using three LEDs located at the top and back of the camera.

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