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Grace refuses to wear hers, but it saves the day when Frankie has a mini-stroke after they leave a business meeting.Frankie learns that she suffered another stroke about ten years ago, which left a lesion on her brain, making it incredibly likely that she’ll have another one.However, another thing the show isn’t interested in changing this late in the game are its tonal problems.In this so-called golden age of TV, where shows like can be nominated for best comedy awards, it may seem a bit pointless to argue whether a show, especially a streaming one, is a comedy or drama–the lines have already been blurred.It’s something that the show has always championed, but especially so in this season–just because women grow older doesn’t necessarily mean that their desires have to change.The tech incubator declines to invest, as they don’t actually want to manufacture products, they just want to “disrupt” industries. She does this after making up with Frankie after their fight last season, finding her on a park bench where she likes to go to watch people fall into puddles after it rains, a perfect absurdist touch.In the season premiere, Grace and Frankie go to a bank to apply for a loan for their vibrator business, only to have the banker turn them down because he’s afraid that they won’t live long enough to pay it back.

Sol isn’t cast in the play, but turns to activism after confronting homophobic protesters outside the theater.

One of the biggest delights this season was seeing Brianna and Mallory’s characters grow.

June Diane Raphael is a comedic genius, but the show sometimes uses her character as a snarky joke machine.

Now it in its third season, GRACE AND FRANKIE isn’t interested in winning new fans.

The show is unapologetic in the types of stories it wants to tell and lead actresses Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda are unabashed in their portrayals of the titular duo as two aging women fighting back against a society that wants to render them obsolete.

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The startup world has been ridiculed plenty of times before, but the show keeps it fresh by switching it up.

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