Bow wow and angela simmons dating again

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Bow wow and angela simmons dating again

After Shad Moss failed in his relationships or hookups with the likes of Ciara, Erica Mena, Keyshia Cole, Angela Simmons and his child’s mother Joie Chaves, on Instagram, he floated the bold idea that he didn’t need relationships … 💯” Pop culture observers are concerned for Bow Wow’s mental well being after he posted this Instagram message about not wanting a relationship, but wanting everything that basically constitutes a relationship. Bow Wow couldn’t help posting idiotic thoughts for public consumption, such as this banal stream of mysogyny: “If you were his side b**** 👱🏽‍♀️and you become his main b***** 👱🏽‍♀️you have no business 🙅🏽going through your mans phone 📱and addressing him about other b****** cause at ☝🏽one time you were the other b**** disrespecting 🙈his main 💍 and it was ok now that the shoe 👠 is on the other foot 👣be humble 💯 😂” Game, set and match. I want a bestfriend i can sleep with, make love to, hustle with, get money with, travel with, shop with, club with & live life with. Relationships are played but a partnership i’ll take."I just want to shut down any and all rumors about my relationships, because you know how that can get," Simmons began."I am currently in the happiest relationship I have ever been in, and MY other half lives in Texas." Now, Bow Wow said to live in Atlanta, so her "other half" couldn't be the rapper. "Any person I have talked to in the past, I wish them the best of luck," she continued. Looks as though the love of Bow Wow's life is taken, so he'll have to move on.So they gave me a pitocin and I start feeling the pain. I really wanted to wait and it just so happened that it happened within that first little boom. Only 30 minutes to an hour I felt pain, and then boom — I pushed him out in eight to 10 minutes.” But before her little guy made a less than laborious arrival into the world, months and months before, Simmons was dealing with the stress of finding herself pregnant after sharing with the public that she was practicing abstinence. Former kiddie rapper Bow Wow, who now goes by his government name Shad Moss, announced his wedding date on social media yesterday.

Remember when we reported that Ang is hanging out again with her ex, Bow Wow?

In an interview with magazine, the young rapper declared his adoration for the young daughter of Rev.

Run, calling her the "love of my life." "Angela Simmons is the love of my life.

This is a whole month early.’ And so I waited it out.

By 6 o’clock they’re like, we have to get you pitocin. I met the love of my life, we got engaged and I waited until 28. I’m happy and that’s all that counts.” But she felt less than happy when she had to share the news of her pregnancy with her father. Run responded, she expressed that he was surprisingly understanding.

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BET Network cancelled its long-running music video countdown show Yesterday Bow Wow announced his wedding date on Instagram followed by a not so random cryptic post from his ex-girlfriend Angela Simmons…

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