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Someone may read a bit about the Shut-door on either a pro or anti- Ellen White web site and wonder if either side is really giving them the whole picture about what Seventh-day Adventists and Ellen White believed about the Shut-door during 1845-1854.

It is my hope that my extensive quoting and footnoting of many Adventist papers, both Open-door and Shut-door, during this ten year time frame will give the reader the necessary context in which to evaluate what the Seventh-day Adventist pioneers, including Ellen White, believed the Shut-door to have meant during 1844-1851.

I have in my current review made some minor corrections and additions, but this paper is essentially the same as the one that I presented to the Southern California Conference in April of 1982. Dalton Baldwin, professor of denominational history at Loma Linda University regarding the historical accuracy of my handling of the issues confronting the Advent movement from 1844-1854.

I found him to be thoroughly knowledgeable of all the historical issues that I present in this paper.

Wes Ringer is a former Seventh-Day Adventist who used to teach Adventist doctrine.

However, during comparison of Adventist beliefs to the words of the Bible , Mr.

I was suspended from my teaching position at San Gabriel Academy in August 1981.

One of the first books that I studied through in detail was the book of Hebrews.This study leave extended from August of 1981 to April of 1982.Without this study leave I would not have had the time to have thoroughly read through much of the original sources that I cite in this paper.For the first time I had confidence to trust in what Christ alone had done for me to save me from my sins and reconcile me to my heavenly Father.I had struggled for many years with the fear that I would fail the final test to become sinless so that I could live without a mediator at the close of probation and thus fail to be accepted by Godin the end.

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If Ellen White is not God’s true end time prophet, how can the Seventh-day Adventist Church be the only true revenant church on earth?

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