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In the first step, check your controls and rename them and set some basic properties of the Grid View, such as Grid View's templates and events. Copy the Page_Load and Bind Grid View methods of the sample and paste them to your Data From Data cs file, and navigator to the Property panel and switch to Event.Double click on the following event and generate the Event Handlers, after that, fill the generated methods with the sample code. Double click on the Click event of Link Button control to generate the event handler and fill the generated methods with the sample, these two button are used to add new items to the database file and cancel the insert operate. The Data In page is pretty much the same with Data From Data page, this web page get data from memory, instead of database file.View State("_gds") If (Not obj Is Nothing) Then Return CType(obj, Data Table) Else Dim conn As New Ole Db Connection"Provider=Microsoft. Select Command = New Ole Db Command("SELECT TOP 10 Order ID, Employee ID, Order Date, Ship Name FROM Orders", conn) Dim table As New Data Table() conn. More information about Sql Server 2008 R2 Express and download links can be found here: Please follow these demonstration steps below. Expand the CSASPNETGrid View web application and press Ctrl F5 to show the Data From

Get Column Editor(editable Col) Dim editor Text As String = "unknown" Dim editor Value As Object = Nothing If (Type Of editor Is Grid Text Column Editor) Then editor Text = CType(editor, Grid Text Column Editor).

Grid Command Event Args) Dim edited Item As Grid Editable Item = Try Cast(e.

Canceled = True Return End If 'Update new values Dim new Values As New Hashtable() e. Begin Edit() Try For Each entry As Dictionary Entry In new Values changed Rows(0)(Direct Cast(entry.

NET Grid View control and how to implement Insert, Edit, Update, Delete, Paging and Sorting functions in ASP. We have received many posts in forums about this popular web control, so this sample provides a complete sample for showing how to implement these basic functions of this control.

The sample demonstrates data source from both database and memory.

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Selected Value editor Value = CType(editor, Grid Drop Down Column Editor).

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