Asia dating international service

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The list of established companies moving into streaming is nearly endless.

Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Twitch and then in China fellow dating app Momo, and fast-growing Kuaishou among others.

“We want to explore ways to monetize with audiences with traditional media using both existing and new stars,” he said, adding that M17 has begun housing new stars under its own talent agent.

“Celebs are finding monetization is very significant on live-streaming.” Phua didn’t diverge specific revenues for his company’s live-streaming services — other that it is “significant” — but he did say that 17 (the app) claims 15 million registered users.

The barbs prompted a massive overhaul of the organisation.One of the more notorious former cadres linked to the group was Ling Jihua, an ex-presidential adviser now serving a life sentence for corruption.The Chinese authorities announced reforms of the league last August, overhauling its leadership, restructuring its personnel system and improving its work at the grass-roots level, focused on ideological education among young people.Communist ‘aristocrats’: Party watchdog takes aim at ‘self-serving’ youth league cadres The league’s Zhejiang branch held a huge dating party on Sunday in Hangzhou, with about 5,000 people attending, the China News Service reported.The event was also organised by a dating website and young people attending included single people working in the information technology, e-commerce and finance sectors.

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