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Arab hot women web chat

Today, a generation of Middle Eastern youth is growing up on a diet of Paris Hilton and reality shows, pumped in through sat dishes, cell phones, and the internet.Cultural horizons are being stretched--well beyond the comfort zones of some Arab conservatives.The shows have attracted millions of fans--and controversy."These programs are in contradiction with our habits and with the principles of Islam," fumed Lebanese cleric sheikh Muhammad Hamdi."We are seeing youngsters kissing and expressing emotions on TV.Modeled on American hit The View, Kalam Nawaem, broadcast out of Beirut, is a potent mix of cozy chat and edgy issues.Its four hosts include a Palestinian actress, a Lebanese TV veteran--their blue-jeaned, blowdried sleekness straight off Madison Avenue--and a maternal Egyptian self-help columnist, a sort of Muslim Dear Abby. " Abu Sulayman says enthusiastically, smiling at Kalam Nawaem's first guest, actress Hala Shiha.The show's success, according to producers, came from the fact that reform--personal as well as political--is a current buzzword for women across the Middle East, who see sat TV as a means for questioning the status quo."The Arab woman is thankful to find a voice," says Kalam Nawaem's Rania Bargout. Now she's seeking answers to enable her to move forward." Women have been part of the Middle East's satellite-television revolution from the start.

Talk about indecent-- cuddling her child while her husband comes on to her!The audience's women--most with carefully coiffed manes, some in shoulder-baring halter tops--applaud wildly.After chatting about upcoming film roles with Shiha, the hosts move on to their next guest: Dominique, a sloe-eyed pop star who recently scandalized fans across the Middle East by posing as a sexy mother in a music video.People are getting used to seeing women on TV--and they're starting to think their message of personal freedom makes sense."People are also seeing women in a huge array of roles previously occupied only by men.Flip through Arab channels and one sees a complete range: veiled female scholars working on their Ph.

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