Arab female chat age 26

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Arab female chat age 26

The government claimed its attacks, which began in November 2009, were within Saudi territory and intended to eliminate armed groups of Houthi rebels who had killed three border guards and wounded 15 other members of the security forces in the border region of Jebel al-Dukhan.

In December 2009, according to press reports, Saudi attacks killed 54 civilians in the town of Al-Nadheer and injured an unknown number. Disappearance There were no reports of politically motivated disappearances during the year. Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment or Punishment Article 2 of the Law of Criminal Procedure and other legal provisions prohibit torture and hold criminal investigation officers accountable for any abuse of authority.

There were no updates in the reported cases of torture by prison officials stemming from the June 2009 claims by the NGO Yemeni Network for Human Rights concerning Saleh Salim, three other defendants in the same case, and hundreds of allegedly similar cases in the prisons.

During the year Suliman al-Reshoudi remained in prison on charges of financing and supporting terrorism and was "in and out" of solitary confinement, according to the ACPRA.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a monarchy ruled by the Al Saud family.

The population is approximately 28.5 million, including 5.8 million foreigners.

For example, on March 13, the Riyadh Court of Appeals endorsed a verdict sentencing a man accused of sorcery to eight years in prison and 800 lashes after the CPVPV had arrested him for practicing magic and being involved in other activities allegedly contrary to the teachings of Islam.His brother reported to the unlicensed nongovernmental organization (NGO) the Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association (ACPRA) that investigator Nawaf Ibrahim Duwaysh had tortured Sultan to the point that his health had deteriorated and he had become mentally ill.His family was permitted to see him every four months.The government executed 67 persons in 2009 and 102 persons in 2008.There was no update on the reported June 2009 death in custody of Abdullah al-Rumian, a Saudi militant extradited from Iraq, in the state security detention center at Al-Ha'ir (security offenders are held in the detention center, criminal offenders in the prison).

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The Basic Law sets out the system of governance, rights of citizens, and powers and duties of the government.

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