Approaches to consolidating local government services Free 1 on 1 sex web cam

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Approaches to consolidating local government services

The current economic and fiscal environment has placed a premium on efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

To help inform communities’ response, this paper reviews the basic options available to New York’s local governments; documents the implementation path for each; and offers “best practice” recommendations for managing change effectively.

Under a board-initiated consolidation, the governing bodies of the participating governments pass resolutions endorsing a consolidation plan containing similar elements to a dissolution plan.

The plan is subject to approval by the governing boards, public hearings and simultaneous referenda in each community.

More than a century later, local governments statewide are looking critically at shared services and restructuring.

Shared Services Local governments in New York have wide latitude to deliver shared services.

There are two basic approaches: Both processes are discussed in detail below. Dissolution Governed by Article 17-A of the General Municipal Law, dissolution involves “the termination of the existence of a local government entity.” In practice the option has applied primarily to villages, however, it is also available to other special districts created by law.

Village dissolution involves eliminating the village government only.

Article 5-G of the state’s General Municipal Law authorizes the “performance of municipal cooperative activities”: “In addition to any other general or special powers vested in municipal corporations and districts for the performance of their respective functions, powers or duties on an individual, cooperative, joint or contract basis, municipal corporations and districts shall have power to enter into, amend, cancel and terminate agreements for the performance among themselves or one for the other of their respective functions, powers and duties on a cooperative or contract basis or for the provision of a joint service…” Local governments can often realize cost savings and/or operational efficiencies through shared service arrangements short of full restructuring.The plan, typically developed through detailed study and analysis, is subject to public referendum of village voters.The second, voter-initiated dissolution, allows a dissolution process to commence upon filing of a petition containing 10 percent of the voters in the village (or 5,000 signatures, whichever is less), even without action of the village board.Shared service arrangements – in which governments partner to deliver services while remaining separate entities – are common.They range from informal “handshake” agreements to cooperate, to more formal, contractual approaches to consolidate specific functions.

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