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Customers of Domino's, for instance, can order products by chatting back and forth with a robot, as if they were sending a text message.

Dozens of startups are also building chat bots that do things like schedule a meeting, conduct a basic Q&A with a job candidate, or collect daily pain reports from a patient. On Tuesday, Facebook dropped its own mic in this increasingly noisy room.

Today, apps are a billion economy, according to App Annie, which tracks app sales.

According to a Forrester report last year, consumers spent 80 percent of their time on just five apps -- 80 percent of those are owned by Google and Facebook - even though they’ve downloaded an average of 24 apps.[The next hot job in Silicon Valley is for poets] The chatbot explosion bears a resemblance to the fledgling app economy, circa 2009.Apple had launched its app store the previous year -- Google’s Play Store didn’t come until 2012 -- and “the kooky world of apps” became a refrain in the media.During two days of conversations Buta asked for explicit images and to meet for sex.The JEP has learned that the Antichat site is popular with some children, primarily teenagers, in Jersey.

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SAN FRANCISCO -- In 1950, artificial intelligence pioneer Alan Turing famously proposed what came to be known as the Turing Test: the proposition that a machine had achieved intelligence if it could carry on a conversation that was indistinguishable from a human one.