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If we all pull together, perhaps we can save the next wife, mother, sister, brother, daughter or child, and the next.

Located between Kerry Ingredients and Birstwith Primary School.

10, Ian Elias kicked in the door of the home of his ex-wife, Nicolette Elias, and shot her to death with a handgun.

When we hear about a victim of domestic violence we so often want to know what's wrong with her and wonder what did to deserve the abuse.

* Domestic violence isn't something that just happens to "those people." It cuts across all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations and socieoeconomic classes. * Men need to start standing up to men about domestic violence.

Chances are someone you know personally has been a victim of domestic abuse. For too long the fight against domestic violence has been fought by women talking to and on behalf of women.

Nikki was clear with us all about how dangerous she thought Ian was and we believed her.

She sought and was given the all the protection the court has to offer.

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I am the Multnomah County Circuit Court judge who has been presiding over Ian and Nikki Elias' highly contentious custody and parenting-time case. Nikki Elias was a smart, articulate, hard-working, loving mother to her two children.