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One of the largest fortunes in the real estate sector, Neil Bluhm is a member of Walton Street Capital (WSC) board of directors.

WSC is a real estate investment fund based in Chicago founded in 1994 with approximately billion equity raised and invested. Bluhm was a founding partner of JMB Realty Corporation, which in 1989 had approximately $ 22 billion in real estate assets under management.

As a result, a partner's percentage interest in ALP remained the same as that person's percentage interest was in the Partnership immediately prior to its liquidation.

At such time that ALP considers its liquidation, winding up and termination to be imminent and its net realizable assets to be reasonably determinable, it expects to adopt the liquidation basis of accounting.

Various factors may affect the timing of completing the liquidation, winding up and termination of ALP and the amount of liquidating distributions of funds, if any, out of those retained in reserve.

State the aggregate market value of the voting and non-voting common equity held by non-affiliates computed by reference to the price at which the common equity was last sold, or the average bid and asked price of such common equity, as of the last business day of the registrant's most recently completed second fiscal quarter. Certain portions of the Prospectus of the registrant dated September 16, 1987, and filed with the Commission pursuant to Rules 424(b) and 424(c) under the Securities Act of 1933 are incorporated by reference in Part III of this Annual Report on Form 10-K. Arvida Company ("Arvida"), an affiliate of the former general partner of the Partnership, acts as Administrator (the "Administrator") of ALP.

In connection with its formation, ALP issued a total of 448,794 beneficial interest units to the partners of the Partnership ("Unit Holders").

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