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The AAo I claims that the RIAI is a limited company which has used its influence in front and within the government for the Building Control Act to suit RIAI interests as well as the interest of RIAI members and directors.The AAo I claims that the registration system set up by the RIAI favours the Institution's own members while discriminating against others, especially self-taught architects.The Irish legislation states that practitioners with a minimum of 7 years of experience but without recognised formal qualification must be assessed through an examination to continue practising in the State.

The RIAI claims that the examinations are based on internationally recognised standards and that 80% of candidates to date have been successful.

The RIAI claims that the methodology is specifically designed for practising architects, and that it is suited to those in employment as examinations are arranged in stages over one calendar year.

On the contrary, AAo I has explained in many meetings that the ARAE methodology is unsuitable for practicing architects, with many lectures and examinations organised during office hours and spanning on a period of approximately 10 months.

The Alliance has declared its founders to be Leonard Barrett (Midleton), Liam Hazel (Skibbereen), Brian Montaut (Bray) and Adrian Turner (Athlone).

The Act sought for the first time to control the use of the term "architect" in the Republic of Ireland.

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